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olives&leos is a Swiss fashion agency with high attention on sustainability. We love fashion and that’s why we want to spread, express and enjoy it in the most eco-friendly way. Moreover, we strongly believe that the certainty of a fair and ethical production chain, makes fashion even more beautiful. Sustainability is a precondition for us, therefore we focus on design an quality.

All brands in our portfolio do not only produce in a socially conscious, fair-trade and eco-friendly way, they also showcase exclusive collections.
Ethical fashion proves that style and sustainability are a perfect match.
Let’s create a new fashion consciousness!


In the first place we want to make sustainable clothing accessible.
Nevertheless, we want to speed up the awareness in our community and try to make ethical and eco-friendly fashion visible.


We aim to speed up the awareness in our community and want to establish ethical and eco-friendly fashion as the new leading standard.
Let’s create a new fashion consciousness!

Löwe, Name

Our Name

The name olives&leos is a playful combination and references to nature as well as to Africa, where we’ve drawn the inspiration and energy for new concepts.
olives&leos was born in 2014 when we started with the first project.
Consistency is important to us – in all aspects!


Wir sind olives&leos

Olivia – Founder

I have always been drawn to fashion – a gene I probably inherited from my Grandma who was a dressmaker. Nevertheless, growing up in Zurich, the heart of the financial industry, I started a career in banking where I worked for the last 15 years.

2015 was the first time I actively pursued my personal interest in fair and ethically produced clothing. I was eager to know more about it and attended various talks, went to lectures and spent hours researching the market. I was surprised that the offer in Switzerland was almost inexistent compared to other countries in Europe and especially online. After visiting Berlin to attend the Greenshowroom / Ethical Fashion show and to engage with many inspiring designers, I decided to commit entirely to ethical clothing.
I want to support the “slow fashion” movement and help to build a leading range of eco-friendly fashion in Switzerland. Therefore, I do what I love – I connect people with each other.

Anja – Partner

I can assert of myself as well that the development of fashion is part of my life continuously. With passion I have tracked the latest trends – like among others the ‘slow fashion’ movement. It is for me a heart affair, to make some change on the Swiss fashion market. For that purpose I was very grateful to have met Olivia at her showroom by chance. She reported me about the idea of olives&leos and I was enthusiastic about it from the first attempt for her ideas and intentions. It was coincidence that Olivia was looking for a support and now I’m totally convinced with my heart to bring more sustainable fashion to Switzerland.

You are very welcome to follow us on our journey!

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 Hi there, please send us your requests, messages or comments no matter whether you are a designer, running a boutique
or just interested in what we do – we are happy to answer your questions!

Showroom SS20 available from 8.7. – 28.8.2019
Haus 9 / 5. OG | Thurgauerstr. 109 | 8152 Glattpark

Contact us for more details and personal appointments, drop us an E-Mail or send us a a message by using the form below:

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